Management Team

Roslyn Schultz B.A., MSW was the founder of 147 Elder Street and creator of the acclaimed R.E.S.T. philosophy and the innovative Model of Care which is based on this philosophy. She developed the infrastructure of Elder Street’s efficient operation and she oversees and provides managerial and administrative support on an ongoing basis. She carries out the admission and assessment process and regularly liaises with families throughout their stay at Elder Street. Roslyn plays an integral role in Elder Street’s growth initiatives.

Roslyn has participated in many health care projects, both local and international as a facilities administrator, planner and environmental design consultant. She has a broad range of innovative and successful administrative and business experience. She has also worked as a psychiatric social worker in leading residential care settings and teaching hospitals and as a psychotherapist in private practice.

In 1997 she founded 147 Elder Street and brought to it her energy, creativity, professionalism and commitment to excellence and improvements in caring for persons with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Since its inception, and under Roslyn's leadership, 147 Elder Street has established a reputation for providing outstanding and innovative work in dementia care.

Sharon Toor RN, MSN joined 147 Elder Street as of August 2018. Sharon administers, coordinates & directs all activities of the Home and insures that Elder Street provides excellence in care for persons with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She identifies residents needs and establishes new services as needed which keep 147 Elder Street in the forefront of care for persons with Alzheimers and dementia. Sharon encompasses the 147 Elder Street philosophy and engages families, residents, and care providers to implement strategies and interventions in continuing to provide the optimal therapeutic environment for dementia residents.

She has held progressive positions since 2004 within Public Health, Occupational Health as a Health Services Manager in the food industry and as Director of Care, Executive Director, and Regional Director within Retirement Sector. Sharon is recognized for her clinical knowledge and leadership strengths, which have reflected into her being hired as an Executive Director at the age of 24 to a 54 bed retirement home.

Sharon has a Master’s degree in Nursing and was a Sigma Theta Tau nominee. She has built her career on advocating for client centered care and currently is part of the Ontario Retirement Communities Associations’ (ORCA) Operations Committee where she actively participates in setting industry bench marks.

Melanie Lima Ribeiro B.Sc.N, RN is a healthcare leader having progressive experience holding clinical leadership positions within the Long Term Care, Retirement and ALC sectors. She most recently was the Director of Wellness of an 81 suite Chartwell Retirement Residence where she gained excellent experience in working with seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Prior to that she worked in the Long Term Care and Retirement Home sectors as an RN and an RPN and was an Interim Director of Care on many occasions.

Melanie has a passion for seniors, particularly those with cognitive impairments, and brings her extensive Retirement Home experience, clinical leadership skills and networking abilities to 147 Elder Street.

Krista Samborsky MA, R-DMT holds a Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counselling. She began her career at Baycrest as a dance/movement therapist working with seniors with depression, dementia and Parkinson’s. She also worked with stroke patients and Holocaust survivors. Krista co-led a research study looking at the effects of Dance/Movement Therapy on seniors with depression. Her knowledge of the retirement sector grew during her time working in marketing and sales at the Terraces of Baycrest. Krista is a Movement Pattern Analyst and she brings her unique knowledge to any team she leads in order to help them identify their group decision making style and build group cohesion.

Honest relationships and authenticity are what guides Krista in all the work she does. She is a strong believer in enhancing the lives of all seniors, no matter their physical or cognitive state. Krista is also the Artistic Director of the Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance.

Alexander Finkelberg, NP -Primary Health Care, B.N., M.Nsg, is an independent practitioner and is a principal in Canadian Nurse Practitioner Services. Alex's primary focus is on the health and wellness needs of the geriatric population. Alex has been serving the geriatric population since 2009 both as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner within the retirement and Long Term Care sectors. Alex supports residents with complex co-morbidities throughout the aging continuum focusing on enhancement of quality of life by attending to cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual paradigms of health and wellbeing.

Alex is well versed and experienced with dementia care and the behavioural and psychological manifestations that often accompany the condition. Alex provides full-scope care to the residents at 147 Elder Street ranging from complex co-morbidity management to health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. Alex offers impeccable bedside manners to residents families and staff in an effort to elevate the overall medical care experience. Alex is available to review each resident on a weekly basis, he is at Elder Street 2 times per week and provides ongoing telephone consultation to staff on an as needed basis. When required, Alex consults with Elder’s Family Physician, Geriatric & other medical specialists.

Dr. Jesin is a well known Bathurst Manor based Family Physician. He cared for several Elder residents prior to their coming to Elder Street and has been consulting as 147 Elder Street’s Primary Care physician since its opening. He provides consultation and medical care for our residents as required, consults to our Nurses and Nurse Practitioner and is on-call for emergency consultation.

We consult with Geriatricians, Psycho-geriatricians and other medical consultants as required.