Our Mission

147 Elder Street is dedicated to caring for people with Alzheimer’s & dementia and maximizing their









Providing an innovative residential care alternative to institutionalization, outcome focused model of care and optimum physical setting that enhances the health and well-being and quality of life for those with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Implementing our belief that every life is a meaningful life by building relationships with each patient and their family. Offering skilled, personalized and sensitive care when the challenges in care and "demands" of care-giving have exceeded that which can be managed in the person's current setting. Serving the residents and their families with expertise, commitment, kindness and respect. Being recognized as a centre of excellence for dementia care and health care of the older person. We believe:

The Individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias whom we care for are:

  • Individuals with a unique life history replete with culture, values and religious beliefs that must be integrated into their current lives
  • Highly responsive to their physical and psycho-social environment and can
  • Be engaged by skilled staff who use proven strategies and interventions within a "therapeutic community" which facilitates meaningful relationships and activities
  • Individuals who require choice, freedom for self-expression, flexibility and individuation in their daily lives
  • Persons who can experience dignity, self-esteem, happiness, friendship and maximum function

Our Care Providers are committed to excellence and are:

  • Specifically trained in dementia care and guided by the R.E.S.T® Philosophy, developed by SageCare which facilitates development of a relationship with the resident, promotes engaging the resident and learning and implementing specific strategies that have been developed for this population, while working in a team environment and therapeutic community
  • Respectful of the autonomy of the individuals for whom they are caring
  • Devoted to meet the individual's comprehensive healthcare needs taking into account the whole person and their unique characteristics and life histories
  • Dedicated to provide holistic care which encompasses the physical, social, cultural, psychological and spiritual needs of the individual
  • Trained in leading edge strategies and interventions pertaining to the care of the population
  • Committed to integrating evidence-based knowledge and research into day to day care

Our Care Environments are:

  • Planned to enable the individual to maximize his/her abilities
  • Warm and home-like and familiar to and provide continuity with the person's previous life
  • The environment we would choose for ourselves should we require this type of specialized care