The Leuchter Family

Well, we've been dancing at 147 Elder Street for three months and that is the part that mom loves most. Whatever the challenges change brings, there remains a core around which the change moves. There is an ebb and flow to transition. Moving Mom from her loved home, cherished possessions, familiar sights and sounds, did not come easily for her or for us. But the aroma of food cooking in the kitchen at Elder Street, the music wafting through the gathering area and the kind words of staff were so helpful and remain all-important. Mom feels safe at Elder Street and when we return from an outing, she points to the house and says, "That's mine". "Mine" is the singing, the tea-time, the dancing and the being at Elder Street and while mom continues to adjust to her new home, her family is confident that we made the right choice.

Susan Bzoza

Less than a year ago, I was paralyzed with fear and confusion. My mother's Alzheimer’s symptoms had progressed to the point that homecare was no longer an option. I visited traditional nursing homes and became even more demoralized. I just could not see that these large facilities had adequate staff specially trained to handle the ever changing and always mystifying needs of a person afflicted with Alzheimer’s. And then I entered the doors of 147 Elder and it changed my life. I heard laughter and chatting and smelled good home cooking. Bedrooms were upstairs but they were empty because everyone was downstairs participating in life. The staff (so many!) were obviously focused on making contact with their guests, delving to understand the background and idiosyncracies of each individual, encouraging them while controlling them. Once my mother moved into 147 Elder (a feat we could not have managed without your hand-holding), I quickly came to appreciate that this is specialized, personalized care at its finest. Your devoted staff has kept pace with my mother´s ups and downs, worked to find appropriate medications and helped her gain back the weight she had lost. She is happier, healthier and safer. She is in the best hands possible. I cannot convey my gratitude often enough to you and to every good heart at 147 Elder.

George Collin

It is difficult to describe the many ways Elder St has improved the quality of life for my 89 year old mother since she took up residence 6 months ago. It starts with an exceptional facility, a beautiful estate home with spacious common and private rooms that are elegantly furnished and kept immaculately clean. The home setting made it much easier for my mother to accept her new surroundings even though the shift from her own home could have been traumatic. Once she was comfortable in her surroundings, it was the TLC (tender loving care) shown by all the staff – from personal care givers to therapists to nurses and Sagecare directors- that slowly brought my mother out of her isolation and inactivity. The personal care and genuine affection shown to all the residents is reflected in the warm and loving environment immediately noticeable when one walks into the home for a visit. This is truly a very unique and special place for family members suffering from dementia. As my mother stated to me in one of her lucid moments as she looked around the room full of residents and staff members, “I know they are not my family but it feels like they are. I feel so safe here and they show me so much love and I love them too”. That I believe is the biggest differentiator and why I have peace of mind that my mother is receiving the best care possible at one the most difficult times of her life.

Phil Myerson

When my sister was diagnosed with dementia, we started looking for accommodations that would be best for her and her needs and at the same time give us peace of mind in the knowledge that she would be well looked after. We wanted a place that had a home-like environment, where she would have her own room. A place that would have a limited number of residents, where there was a nurse was on duty 24/7 and where the staff was experienced in the care of people with dementia and the food would not be the usual institutional type. We spoke to many people and solicited brochures and we visited those places that we thought might be suitable. My sister became a resident of 147 Elder Street. We got all we had hoped for and much more. 147 Elder Street has and continues to be on the cutting edge in the advancement of new treatments and care of people with dementia.

Sandi Hofbauer

We wanted a residence that could offer the care she needs in a friendly, warm environment and found Elder St. provides a loving extended family. It starts with a big house, not an institution, offering excellent meals, a lovely outdoor garden, and comfortable, private bedrooms each with it's own washroom. But the key to making life fun, interesting, informative and engaging is the loving, hard working staff. Everyone working at Elder St. knows what to expect from each resident, and can quickly assess a change in behaviour. As a family member I particularly appreciate the open and ongoing dialogue I have with all members of the staff and directors. My adjustment to the challenges of dementia would not have been possible without the support I receive from all of them. The truth is I doubt that my mother would be in as good health, both mentally and physically, in any other environment.

Aaron Lichtschein

I have no words to express our appreciation and gratitude to you and your staff for attending to every and all of my father’s needs so lovingly. I am convinced that we could not do it any better had he stayed at home. Your level of professionalism while maintaining the warmth of a Jewish home is the best for which we could have hoped for my father. It actually costs less to have my father at 147 Elder Street than when we were at home with 24 hour caregivers or in a nursing home topping up care.

The Dyment family

Our family is truly grateful for and appreciative of the high level of professional care delivered to our mother. The genuine concern and commitment to our mothers health and well being has always been shown by the management and staff at 147 Elder Street. There is a positive attitude at the home that is a great source of comfort for us.

Sharla Lichtman, M.D

My father has been at Elder Street for almost two years. It was obviously a very difficult decision to remove him from his home. However, I feel that our family was very fortunate to have bad the option of placing him at Elder Street. Elder Street is a home, not an institution. You feel like you are walking into a warm, inviting environment when you walk through the door. The staff treat each resident with dignity, respect and sensitivity. They patiently cater to the different needs of each resident, from their favorite foods, music and activities to their individual moods and cognitive fluctuations. I'll never forget the time I saw a resident yelling that he wanted to get out. One of the care givers instantly got their coats and said "great, let's go for a walk". I believe that in most other institutions they would be calling the doctor for a sedative or restraints. I feel very comforted knowing that the whole team is doing their best to care for my father.

Marlene Abella

I had been desperately looking for a place with a Jewish atmosphere where I could place my mother. After much agonizing, I had made the difficult decision to search for a permanent long term care facility as her dementia was getting far too progressive and overwhelming to handle at home. With the wait for government funded facilities sometimes exceeding two years, I was feeling an enormous amount of stress as my search for options was yielding no realistic results. Fortunately, my daughter saw an advertisement for 147 Elder Street in the Canadian Jewish News. Placing my mother here allowed her to benefit from a Jewish environment and continue to live in the same neighbourhood she had been living since she moved to Toronto. I immediately felt a peace of mind that I had not experienced in several years. Since my mother’s entrance into Elder Street, I know that she has been consistently well cared for and respected by the staff there. I am forever grateful for the stress relief you offered me, the concern you demonstrate for my mother and the service I know you will continue to provide.

Elaine Markowitz

About two years ago my mother and myself made the wrenchingly difficult decision to seek nursing home care for my father, a retired physician and surgeon, a man who has given everything to us, his family, and has contributed greatly to the Toronto community in the form of many years of voluntary service. Since entrusting him to the care of Roslyn and Ben Schultz and their staff at 147 Elder Street, we have found the personal care and compassion with which my father has been treated to be of the highest quality. Although nothing can take the place of living in the comfort of one's own home, the intimate and family-like atmosphere that has been created at 147 Elder Street has been extremely reassuring to us in this stressful situation.

Jennifer Levine

In the past two years I have been a frequent visitor to the home, dropping in at least 3 times a week, at various points in the day. I have come to know both the residents and the staff. It has been a sad time, of course: dementia in its many forms is a terrible illness. 147 Elder is an exceptional place. Its small scale and careful design make it possible for residents to feel safe. In the evenings when they sit together the sense of community among them is palpable. One would not immediately know, walking in, that many of the 16 people sitting in a circle suffer from advanced dementia. 147 Elder allows the best in them to come out - not the worst. A major reason for this is the devoted care of the staff, whose many kindnesses I deeply appreciate. The nurses, PSW's, and activation therapists are truly caring professionals. This is a special place: there should be many more like it.

Dr. Robert and Karen Willinsky

147 Elder has exceeded our expectations for the care of my mother. The calm, structured environment has been a welcome relief for her. The staff are warm and understanding, and they appreciate the individual needs of each of the residents. 147 Elder strives for perfection and for my mom it is home.

David Prussky

Please accept this letter of referral for the Elder Street facility. We are overwhelmingly happy with the level of care that my mother has received at the facility. We have found the staff to be committed and caring, and the overall level of care to be exceptional. While my siblings and I try to visit as often as possible, it gives us great comfort to know that our mother is well-cared for when we are not there.

Cynthia Kleiner

My mother, Adelaide, arrived at 147 Elder in October and over the past two and a half years, her health has stabilized. Although her memory will not improve, the decline has been minimal since her diagnosis. The staff is dedicated to fulfilling her health, social and emotional needs. Her daily schedule is organized and predictable which is beneficial for my mother. Ongoing communication occurs so that I am aware of new medications and health conditions.

Rhodean Weiser

I travel a lot, but I go with a clear mind knowing that my mother is being well cared for at 147 Elder Street. The "family type" atmosphere combined with the attentive staff are key elements to the residents' well-being.